The ManBible is a comprehensive guide to women and dating, and a manual on love, girls, and good moves. Written for the advantage of men everywhere, The ManBible is a tongue-and-cheek guide through the modern courting ritual. Stylized in a textbook format, revelations are built from the experience of men and fundamental truths between men and women. Have a question? It’s in the book; read the book!

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The ManBible is a comprehensive guide to women and dating, and a manual on love, girls, and good moves.

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Section IV – The Four Primary Fact...

Section IV – The Four Primary Factors

There are many reasons why women are attracted.  For a few lucky men, one attribute alone is enough to gain favor with women of interest.  More times than not, the best looking guy gets the best looking women.  However, most men can use a combination of traits and attributes to create good and sufficient attraction.  […]

The Ratio of Succ...

The Ratio of Success

Section II- The Ratio of Success MBC4V2S2 There are levels of success, but no penalty for failure in the courting ritual.  Each man has strengths and weaknesses in the game of love.  Sometimes a man who is good at banging bridesmaids strikes out time after time at the late-night club.  Gaining favor with a woman […]

Rejection is Part of the G...

Rejection is Part of the Game

A man must first fail before he can succeed. Courting women is an uncertain process with a multitude of dimensions, many hidden from sight. To gain favor with a woman of interest, many factors must come together in perfect harmony. These factors include availability, preference, and mood, past dating and relationship experiences, compatibility and timing, […]

Two Types of L...

Two Types of Love

All women want love. The concept of real love is commonly described as a deep sense of caring and responsibility. Through literature, movies, theater, and other social mediums, this type of love has developed and renewed the spirit for every generation. The practical application of attraction and love is more complex, however. What many refer […]

A Form of ...

A Form of Art

Checking out a woman of interest is a form of art.  When a man makes specific observations to gather critical information to guide future courting decisions, skill and experience assist in the balance between lust and truth.   The purpose of an evaluation a dream is to answer the relevant questions concerning a WOI and then […]

A Man Must Pick his Battles Wis...

A Man Must Pick his Battles Wisely

Section VIII – A Man Must Pick his Battles Wisely MBC3V1S8 Sometimes to win the fight a man must not fight.  Most conflicts in a relationship are resolvable by not protesting the conflict.  Why argue and verbally fight about something fairly irrelevant to the goal of good living, sexual relations and sex? Even when a […]

Crying Gets a Man Nowh...

Crying Gets a Man Nowhere

Never fun when good booty says goodbye. Most relationships eventually end, and although some are mutual breakups, most end with a fight or other non-amendable disagreement. Mutual breakups are fairly uncommon but celebrated as good for both parties. Most decisions to end a relationship are by one party alone, leaving the other party unaware of the […]

Men are as Faithful as their Opti...

Men are as Faithful as their Options

Would you like some sex? From ancient times, men have sought sexual relations with interest, hoping for booty opportunities and a chance to get lucky. Most men would never dismiss freely offered booty, especially when discreetly done, for the pleasure and delight is a foremost priority in life. In theory, men would take as much […]

All Men are D...

All Men are Dogs

  Bang, bang and bang. The scope of a typical man’s sex drive runs much deeper and wider then publicly known in the world of women. Hidden from women for centuries, attraction includes both the woman currently involved with and every possible and other women seen, passed by, leered at, looked upon, briefly met, shared […]

Men and Women cannot be Frie...

Men and Women cannot be Friends

Friends and sex rarely mix well. The motivation for friendship and the attraction to women of interest are different in rational and perspective. Friendship is the coming together of people to socialize, support and accompany one-another though all of life’s challenges and non-sexual accomplishments. The desire for sexual relations and eventual sex (SRES) with a […]

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Men are fairly predictable. The MB recognizes the Common Instincts of Men (CIM). CIM10: To Promise an exclusive relationship early. MBC4V1S5

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