The ManBible is a comprehensive guide to women and dating, and a manual on love, girls, and good moves. Written for the advantage of men everywhere, The ManBible is a tongue-and-cheek guide through the modern courting ritual. Stylized in a textbook format, revelations are built from the experience of men and fundamental truths between men and women. Have a question? It’s in the book; read the book!

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The ManBible is a comprehensive guide to women and dating, and a manual on love, girls, and good moves.

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The ManBible covers all subjects concerning women and dating. Its in the book; read the book.

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The Courting Rit...

The Courting Ritual

Gaining favor is work. Effort of mind and body is generally required for the exchange of Sexual Relations and Eventual Sex.  The chance to score with a woman of interest comes from engaging in this effort, which includes displaying genuine care, insuring entertainment and decent employment, dinners, meeting family, fun or cultural activities, first kiss set […]

Evaluation of a Dr...

Evaluation of a Dream

Section II – Evaluation of a Dream Every woman is a fact-specific question.  Gaining knowledge of a new woman of interest requires the ability to objectively determine traits and characteristics.  Suppressing a man’s instinctual need for booty with a caution for the danger of premature interest is justified.  The ManBible recommends a proper Evaluation of […]

The Dream of Future Bo...

The Dream of Future Booty

The dream of women and sex keeps hope alive.  Life is enriched by the belief that the future holds new women of beauty and attraction.  As a powerful incentive, the excitement of future booty leads logically to an increased urgency of Preparation, Presentation and Participation (PPP).  These are also known as the magic PPPs.  Before […]

The Four Booty Questi...

The Four Booty Questions

When a man finds interest, we ask four important questions.  Many questions matter, some more than others.  Getting to the heart of the matter and maximizing success with women of interest requires focus on key concerns.  The ManBible recognizes the Four Booty Questions (FBQ) as four primary questions that can assist in evaluating a dream.  In […]



Some dreams come true and some never begin. Not every woman of interest will afford sexual relations and sex. Move on quickly. Although there are many ways to increase attraction and in kind Booty Potential, not every attraction leads to success in the courting ritual. In fact, a man who plays the field will find […]

The Booty Potent...

The Booty Potential

There is hope for all men who seek women.  Whether attracting the opposite sex comes with ease or takes a focused work and care; all men are blessed with the potential to gain favor with Women of Interest.  The key to unlocking this potential is a combination of knowing the rules, accepting the truth and […]

Lying to Wo...

Lying to Women

  It’s not a lie if you believe it.  Throughout history men have misrepresented the truth for the opportunity of sexual relations and sex.  Even when a man wants to remain truthful, the reality of the challenge of women and dating generally lends to a more nuanced approach.  Not everything needs to be said, and […]

The Four Relationship Potenti...

The Four Relationship Potentials

Relationship Potential (RP) – The likelihood of hooking up when a man and women meet for the first time, with sufficient time being afforded for a meaningful and close interaction. The RP spans from a weak potential to Love at First Sight (LFS), and every woman of interest creates a new RP to evaluate.  Although a […]

Sexual Relations and Eventual ...

Sexual Relations and Eventual Sex

From every corner of the world, men gather to philosophy about women and the courting ritual.  Although sometimes a crude affair the stories of these gatherings remain the same.  The ManBible reflects the wisdom of the sages from the collective efforts of all men with women throughout history.  Whether from the thrill of victory or the agony […]

The ManBible is a textbook on the art of courting wo...

The ManBible is a textbook on the art of courting women

Sacred Illuminated Thought (SIT) – Gaining favor with women is an important affair for many men.  Those who possess the knowledge and skill necessary for success will be the ones who enjoy the better delights and complain the less. The ManBible is a comprehensive guide to women and dating.  Written to illuminate men everywhere, The […]

The ManBible

The Forth MB Truth: "Men and Women cannot be Friends." MBC3V1S4L9. (MBT4). The MB teaches that sexual attraction does not a friend make.

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